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بالصور : 15 إعلان مبتكر ومذهل لأشهر شركات القهوة حول العالم

Expedia Coffee Based Advertisement: an internet based travel provider advertised an Italy special in a unique and interesting way; in collaboration with coffee shops, stencils were used to create an advertisement in cocoa on top of the milk form. While underneath the cup was a paper coaster that came with's name and advertisement details. 

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Talking Cup Advertisement: Based on the concept that every good conversation is held while having a cup of coffee, the coffee brand Douwe Egberts created the "conversation cup". A coffee cup that lets you choose a conversation subject by simply putting your teaspoon in the cup and let it decide for you.

Folgers coffee Manhole Advertisement: Stickers with a top image of a coffee cup were placed on top of steaming manholes of New York. The small holes on the sticker allowed the steam to exit the system giving an illusion of a steaming cup of coffee.

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McDonald's Coffee Hourglass Advertisement: A bus stop in Vancouver was turned into an 'hourglass' filled with coffee beans, which creatively reminded the customers of the particular advertisement's short-term nature.

Caribou Coffee Advertisement:

Kraft Foods Coffee Advertisement: A white box with a seemingly blank calendar was mailed to internal and external stakeholders of the company. The content becomes visible only after coffee powder is spread over the pages and sticks to the print.

McDonald's Coffee Advertisement: A streetlight was transformed into an oversized carafe pouring a cup of coffee for McDonald's coffee advertisement. 

Bonanza Coffee House Advertisement: Bonanza Coffee Heroes is a gourmet coffee house in Berlin; it wished to reach the audience who had enough with mass media. They came up with an alternative that allowed the audience to drink their heroes. 

Robert Harris Coffee Roasters - Napkin Advertisement: Most of the time people sitting in a café scribble on a napkin; to make Harris synonymous with inspiration, they published those stories on the napkin and they were placed in magazines. 

Robert Harris Coffee Roasters - Lepidoptera Advertisement: Robert Harris Coffee Roasters appointed 10 artists to create 30 original works from coffee napkins; Their creations were exhibited in successive bus stops creating a street-level, outdoor gallery.

CoffeeCompany Wifi Advertisement: CoffeeCompany wished to attract more students and hence they installed WiFi in some of its stores near universities. But the problem was many students just come into the store for the WiFi but hardly look at the menu. So CoffeeCompany decided to move the store's menu into the WiFi network names and hence getting their menu in customers' laptops and smartphones. 

إضافة تسمية توضيحية

إضافة تسمية توضيحية

Cup Sleeve QR Code Advertisement: 'Headline News' cup sleeves were created and in partnership with Tim Hortons, (known for its coffee and doughnuts); a special news print was designed that pulled out the breaking news tweets (updated hourly) and prints them on the coffee sleeves. When Tim Hortons customers received a cup of coffee, they also received the headline news of the hour, and QR code on the sleeve then directed them to the News website where they could read the full story.

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